Equipment surplus cluttering your facilities? Looking for quick access to affordable spares in emergency situations?

Who doesn’t have a pile of spare parts or equipment surplus they no longer use just laying around some corner of their water or wastewater treatment plant? I can see you smiling right now going “yep, that’s us!”. The truth is you are not alone. Watergeeks surveyed and interviewed several utilities in Canada and the U.S. and found that 85% of respondents admitted to having equipment surplus that they no longer needed. To be honest, we weren’t really surprised to find out that this surplus was left in a corner of the plant to collect dust or sent to the scrap yard by most utilities since there exist no good alternatives at the moment. After speaking with several utility employees and small business owners about current practices regarding equipment surplus and the availability of affordable spare parts, we figured the industry might be ready for a change! A simple, yet great solution for the water treatment industry: an intelligent, user-friendly e-commerce platform for equipment surplus resale, purchase and rental. Our tech ninjas offer you watergeeks, a simple, yet effective solutions for all your second-hand equipment needs!

Respond faster to equipment failure and emergencies

The idea behind a platform like is to create a pool of resources for those working hard at delivering safe drinking water to communities and treating effluent to safely release it into our ecosystems. Have you ever been faced with an emergency situation on a long weekend where your equipment fails and you unluckily don’t have any spares at hand? What do you do then? You call up your supplier and wait until the part is delivered the next business day or until the holiday is over. Or you call up the neighbouring town to see if they could lend you a spare. Hopefully, this uncomfortable situation never happens again, but if it does the good news is that you will very soon (early 2019) be able to go on and have a quick look at who in your region has a spare to sell or rent to you. That way, you will be able to respond faster to emergency situations and avoid water wastage or contamination and angry customers.

Small businesses and smaller utilities need access to affordable spares

Another interesting fact that Watergeeks found out over discussions with smaller utilities and private businesses such as campsites, is that they are often looking for affordable parts and equipment. The sale of equipment surplus thus provides an opportunity for all to have access to the latest technology at an affordable price. Moreover, utilities selling their surplus can now make use of these newly available funds to reinvested in maintenance activities or in other related activities acceptable under local regulations. We thus have a win-win situation where utilities can get better value out of their surplus instead of sending it to the scrap yard, and smaller utilities and private business who can purchase parts for cheaper.

Promote a circular and a local economy in the water industry

Municipalities are increasingly looking for clever ways to becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Encouraging circular economy in the water industry with solutions such as  means that you proactively contribute to:

  • Reducing waste
  • Reusing parts instead of recycling
  • Reducing the water and carbon footprints linked to the production of brand new parts.

Luckily, several government programs exist to reward utilities that proactively try and reduce waste. Whether you are looking to sell or buy, have a look at the platform or drop us an email if you need assistance sorting through your surplus. Watergeeks is always happy to help!



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