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Find what you need when you need it: in an emergency situation or for a temporary project. Exchange equipment and spare parts directly with your peers. Save time and money!


Do you have equipment surplus ? Forget about the scrap yard and start reducing your waste. Opt for a greener economy by reselling directly to your peers. More revenues, less headache.

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Optimize your asset surplus management practices with to our experts. Join the 4.0 Industry and gain efficiency with automated processes. Ask for an evaluation today!

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François Primeau General Manager, Brébeuf Mécanique de Procédé

“I have a warehouse full of mechanical and water treatment equipment. This company frees up space, generates income remotely and in addition I participate in sustainable development activities”

Client Photo
Yvon Plante Water Section Lead, Groupe Hélios

“Watergeeks provides a viable solution for the sale and purchase of used equipment. I have been working in water treatment plants for 40 years and a lot of equipment could be reused: old PLCs, pumps, etc. ”

Client Photo
Olivier Trottier Operator of aerated lagoons, Town of Saint-Basile

“Beyond the monetary benefits, in my opinion the reuse of unused equipment is a priority because it contributes to sustainable development. This business meets my need.”

Client Photo
Sophie Girard Analytical Chemistry Technician, CTTEI

"I was able to replace the turbidimeter of the laboratory in an emergency and I am satisfied with the personalized service offered by Watergeeks. Second-hand equipment was the right choice because reuse is part of our values at the CTTÉI"

10 x
faster for operational emergency
30 x
return on investment
30 %
less environmental impact
70 %
savings on your purchases

Industry news

Equipment surplus cluttering your water treatment plant? Looking for quick access to affordable spares in emergency situations?

Equipment surplus cluttering your water treatment plant? Looking for quick access to affordable spares in emergency situations?

Who doesn’t have a pile of spare parts or equipment surplus they no longer use just laying around some corner of their water or wastewater treatment plant? I can see you smiling right now going “yep, that’s us!”. The truth is you are not alone. Watergeeks surveyed and interviewed several utilities in Canada and the […]

Watergeeks at IWA-Young Water Professional Conference

Watergeeks at IWA-Young Water Professional Conference

We’re excited to announce that Watergeeks will attend the IWA-Young Water Professional conference in Toronto next week, as a member-panelist and strategic partner. Nadia Koukoui, CEO, will be panelist for 3 conferences: Career Fair Plenary on TUESDAY – 17:00-17:45 Open Talk: How To Advance Workplace Diversity & Inclusion on WEDNESDAY 11:30-13:00 TS: Resilient Cities and Infrastructures – technical […]


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