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Watergeeks is a startup that is revolutionizing the Industry of tomorrow: efficient, automated, and environmentally responsible.

We facilitate the resale and purchase of second-hand industrial equipment.

Watergeeks means a better environmental footprint, an improved reverse supply chain, more revenue and most importantly, less hassle! Keep reading to find out more about the project and team behind Watergeeks!

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Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission is to assist you with optimal waste management practices and responsible material sourcing.


Industrial equipment surplus management affects all businesses, large and small.


Our artificial intelligence algorithms facilitate your shift towards a circular economy.


We rely on simplicity and transparency to build a trusting self-help community.

Why we do what we do

After working for several years in the water industry, the founders of Watergeeks saw huge amounts of industrial equipment being wasted; often resulting from technological changes within plants. These huge amounts of  still perfectly functional second-hand equipment, pile up for years and eventually end up at the nearby scrap yard. Meanwhile, this equipment could be reused by other plants and businesses needing affordable parts, discontinued spares and quick access to spares  particularly in the event of an operational emergency.

This industrial waste has enormous economic and environmental costs, and is still happening today because there is no simple way of knowing what equipment is available or wanted, when and where.

This situation exists in the water industry but not only. The problem arises in many other industries, such as the mining, oil, gas, pharmaceutical, aeronautical, energy, etc. industries.

Montreal, May 2018 –  in the context of growing environmental pressure and access to new technologies (artificial intelligence), the founders decided to launch Watergeeks in order to meet this challenge. Our objective is to bridge the gap between entities with equipment surplus and those looking for it. Our motto is transparency and simplicity.

Awards for innovation

We are proud to have won numerous recognition awards for our innovations and positive impact on the environment and our society.

  • 2018 Cooperathon
    Grand prize, open innovation competition

    Hydro-Québec Award 2018
    Project with best environmental potential

    David Suzuki Foundation Award 2018
    Best waste reduction project

    Montreal Foundation Inc.
    Grant Award for entrepreneurial project with high potential

  • EntreprendreICI Award

    Grant for entrepreneurial project with high potential

    TD Bank Award 2019
    Business pitch competition

    Ministry of Economy and Innovation 2019
    Grant for an open data exploitation project

    City of Montreal 2019
    Prix Coup de coeur at the Startup Fest

Meet our team

The Watergeeks team is here to help you! We are fortunate have a network of collaborators and an outstanding advisory committee!

Nadia Koukoui

Fondatrice & PDG

Professionnelle de l’ingénierie et du développement durable depuis près de 15 ans, Nadia élabore des solutions pratiques aux enjeux environnementaux de notre société actuelle et future.

Isabelle Fotsing

Fondatrice et Chef de la technologie

Titulaire d’un baccalauréat en génie électrique et d’une maîtrise en génie chimique, Isabelle est toujours à la recherche de nouvelles approches pour résoudre les problèmes les plus complexes, et est particulièrement fascinée par l’automatisation et l’intégration des technologies intelligentes dans les processus pour améliorer leur performance.

Quentin Deroo

Directeur, Développement des affaires

Quentin est un expert en traitement des eaux avec un profil hybride en développement des affaires, ingénierie et en opération. Il aide déjà depuis plusieurs années les villes et industries du Canada à optimiser leurs systèmes de traitement des eaux, et continuera maintenant de vous accompagner dans la gestion optimale de vos actifs. N'hésitez pas à le contacter (quentin@wategeeks.io) pour revendre/dénicher de l'équipement d'occasion ou pour un conseil d'expert.

We are actively present as guest speakers at various international industry events on the themes of entrepreneurship, sustainable development, circular economy, women and technology, innovation in the water industry, climate change , artificial intelligence, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

For any request to participate in events, please send your detailed request at info@watergeeks.io


Our network

Watergeeks has a great business network  and collaborators. Our team is also actively involved in several environmental and social causes:

  • Centech graduates network
    Next AI incubator graduate network
    Graduate network of the École des Entrepreneurs du Québec
    Network of Entrepreneurs of the Montreal Foundation Inc.
  • Réseau M
    Member of the board of directors of Écotech Québec
    Member of the network of young women leaders
    Member of the group of thirty


Available positions will be posted here. To submit an unsolicited application please send your CV to info@watergeeks.io.

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