Watergeeks assistance

We offer asset recovery services and assistance tailored to your needs, including:

  • SCAN2SELL – coming soon
  • Asset surplus evaluation
  • Assistance to sell
  • Process optimization (reverse supply chain)

DIY Equipment Listing

Sell your surplus on Manage your listings and track your sales through our user-friendly interface.

Packages and pricing

The reason we charge a yearly membership is to offer you the best possible experience. As exclusive member (paid memberships only) you will benefit from a ton of perks: 

  • -Infrastructure and storage space for your photos, spec sheets etc.
  • -24/7 technical support to manage your online boutique
  • -Matchmaking services: year-round assistance to find buyers for your items
  • -Your products featured in our newsletter and partner sites for greater visibility
  • -Our top notch R&D for better and improved experience
  • -CSR: help from our experts to report on your waste reduction initiatives
  • -Access to an exclusive community of experts and innovators

Get a 14-day free trial! Special rates for startups, get in touch for details 


For the occasional asset surplus, to be more green and give equipment reuse a chance.

CAD $ 0 /Month

Post 3 items per year for free


DIY for small and medium sized businesses with occasional equipment surplus.

CAD $ 125 /Month

Post 25 items per year

Peace of mind

For large businesses and those with little time and resources to perform effective asset recovery

CAD $ 250 /Month

Post 50 items per year. Yearly in-person surplus evaluation and setup by our experts**

All plans are on a 1-year basis. Fees are payable once annually. Prices and currency may vary according to region. 

Options: add 50 additional items to your package for $300/year.

**Available in Quebec only.


Seller’s premium: We charge a 15% commission on all item sales transactions. Additional fees may apply.

Buyer’s premium: Local sales taxes apply. Additional fees may apply.

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